Tofo Earth Lodge

Each year the humpback and some southern wright whales migrate North from the icy winter waters of the Antarctic up along the Eastern coast of Africa to Mozambique and the warmer waters and plentiful feeding grounds.  They also migrate North to calve in the warmer waters.

These gentle giants spend their days swimming and playing in the waters near Tofo Earth Lodge and you will often see them performing wonderful whalecrobatics –  breaching (leaping out of the waters and splashing down), sailing (lying with only their tales visible) and flipper-slapping (lying on their backs and slapping their side fins in the water), this makes them a delight to watch.

The most common whale to see in our waters is the Humpback (Megaptera novaeangliae) so named because of the hump that is seen when they arch to dive.  They weigh, on average, between 30-80 tons and range in length between 12 – 18 metres and some of the longest pectoral fins reaching up to 5 metres amongsts cetaceans, earning them 5th position in the largest whales.

Watch them from our beach bar when they come close to the cove or take an eco-responsible and conscious excursion to get a closer look.  The guides are very conscious of not only your safety but the safety and well-being of the whales to ensure that they are not stressed by human sight-seeing.

So be sure to come and visit us during this time of the year.  It is winter in Mozambique, which means it’s better than summer in most countries, the weather is cooler than summer with warm days and slightly cooler nights, making it a favourite for many of our visitors at this time of the year.  It is also our dry season and the likelihood of rain is low.

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