Tofo Earth Lodge

Tofo Earth Lodge is  a place to get back down to earth, get away from it all and make life simple.

In the world today we fill our lives with work, gadgets, deadlines, timetables and things to do. The only way to get away from these stressors is to decompress at our Lodge.

We focus on keeping it simple, clean, comfortable and as close to nature as we can.  Our location right on our pristine white sandy beach overlooking the warm, clean waters of the Indian Ocean really inspires you stop everything else and relax.

If you are someone who requires activity to relax, there are plenty of water sports available - swimming, deep-sea fishing, wind surfing and some of the best diving around in our  small coral reef or further along the coast, see our Activities page for more information

We also have plenty of family-fun games and we will do what we can to satisfy your requirements should you wish to participate in any other activities, such as a walk to the Lighthouse, fish from the shore or climb a coconut tree.

In case you ask ... there isn't an indoor gym ... why would we?  There's an entire beach to run and play on!  However, we will soon be adding a beach spa, so watch this space for that update or join our mailing list to get our early offers.

At Tofo Earth Lodge we haveused local materials and local  expertise whenever possible.  Our onsite management team are local João and Mila, you will be in good hands as they will look after your needs/requirements.   Mila is the chef who prepares a delicious blend of Mozambican and Portuguese cuisine from fresh, local produce that is unforgettable, be sure to try Mila’s popular Seafood Buffet! 

Also within the team is Dino our maintenance man and is always ready to help.  You will get to experience full home-grown Mozambican hospitality and all the smiles that the 'land of the gentle people' offers.

Tofo Earth Lodge is ideal for group events, workshops and retreats  such as diving, yoga retreats, personal development workshops and corporate getaways, just contact us with details of your requirements and we will give you a group discounted price.

For details of rooms and more view our ACCOMMODATION.