Tofo Earth Lodge

While you’re with us we hope you’ll relax and unwind but we also appreciate that you may like to get out and see some of the local area to discover more about Tofo, Inhambane and Mozambique in general, so below we’ve noted some places and things you may like to do while you are here.



At Tofo Earth Lodge we’re really fortunate to have a small reef just beyond our beach which provides great snorkeling and diving opportunities in a lagoon in front of a rock wave break. More opportunities for diving adventures can be arranged for you with departures from nearby Tofo town. If you don’t want to bring your diving gear with you on flights, etc., we can also arrange hire of equipment and gear, just be sure to let us know what you need when you’re booking.

We are situated on the edge of the second most diverse coral reef area in the world with an estimated 450 species. * Amongst the diving delights on offer are hundreds of brightly coloured fish, giant manta rays, whale sharks (the best place to see these gentle giants is here in Tofo, there is even a local research centre, swim with them in the summer), humpback whales can be seen only 20 metres away, usually mothers and their calves (commonly seen in the winter months)… it is a veritable mecca for divers and marine lovers.  It should be noted that respect for these animals is a priority to keep them safe and their environment as natural as possible.



The warm waters of the Indian Ocean are a delight to swim in, we’re fortunate to benefit from a spectacular fine, white, sandy beach with a lagoon in front of a rock wave break, this makes for great paddling or child-friendly swimming as well as a great place to explore coastal marine life at low tide.
NOTE: there are no lifeguards and we ask you to watch children in your care be sure to wear hats and bring sunscreen.



Whether it is fishing from the shore or deep sea fishing let us know what your interests are and we can make the necessary arrangements for you, including any gear you may require.  The unpolluted and clear waters in the area provide great fishing.  We adhere to local eco and sustainable policies to safeguard fish populations and marine health and of course we ask you to respect the instructions from local experts to safeguard you too.



From approximately June to October we are visited by, mainly, humpback whales, the 5th largest of the whales and they come to swim, surf, play and have babies in the waters around us.  They are a firm favourite to watch.  We’ve added more detail about our Whale Season and information about the whales.



From nearby Tofo Beach it is possible to hire a boat for sailing or motor boat for excursions, there are various things to do.  Hire a boat for – fishing, whale watching (in season), visiting the island and see how the local fishing boats (dhows) are made and the skills retained by locals, diving and snorkeling trips.  There are a number of options available, let us know what you would like to do and we can arrange this for you.



There are endless kilometres of white beach to walk along.  Heading North you can eventually reach the top of the peninsula and find the lighthouse.  Heading South for 3.4 kilometres you will reach the small town of Tofo Beach where there is some night life, bars, restaurants and shopping in the local market.  If you choose to walk along the local paths it is safe but be sure to get a map so you don’t get lost, palm trees can all look the same after a while :).  While on your walks be sure to look out for the giant and ancient cycads and many medicinal plants and herbs that grow naturally.  Groups are welcome.



Bird Life International have designated Inhambane Province as one of the primary areas for birds in Mozambique.  There are more than 600 species of birds recorded, with the majority breeding in the country.  The area around Tofo is filled with a variety of birds and the nearby marshlands, which can be discovered by kayak, extend the types and varieties to be seen.  Among the birds to be seen are, Pink-throated Twinspot, Lemon-breasted Canary, Neergaard’s Sunbird,  and Rudd’s Apalis.   The Lodge has a resident pair of Purple Crested Loeries,  Lilac Brested Rollers and Crested Loeries to mention a few.  Groups are welcome.



We encourage you to buy some of the locally made crafts to take home with you as a reminder of your stay and supporting local crafters.  The market in Tofo has a display of colourful fabrics, creative art, carvings and beachwear.  There are also local fruits and vegetables available at the market.

For other shopping there are limited shops available within Tofo Beach.



We can cater to a variety of tours or activities during your stay, let us know when booking what your interests are and what you would like to do. Choose from the following:

  • Wildlife tours – this is ideal for tourists who are arriving via South Africa, we can arrange a stop-over in the world reknowned Kruger National Park with a game drive and accommodation.  For divers we recommend adding this to the end of your stay as required before flying.
  • Kayaking – there are local mangroves which are ideal for spending time on the water this is also ideal for adventures and bird watching in the area.
  • Art Deco tours of Inhambane – this town has some beautiful buildings left over from the colonial era in Mozambique and is worth viewing.

See our Accommodation to book your stay now for those who are interested in bringing a group of 10+ guests for a stay with activities see our Group page too .