Tofo Earth Lodge

Our Commitment

1. Customer Satisfaction
We offer a retreat from the busyness of life in natural surroundings with the emphasis on providing you with a place to get back to earth and truly relax. We value that our guests have chosen us and will do all that we can to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.
2. Supporting Local
From the staff in our lodge to the construction and food that we source, we use local skills and products as much as they are available and work with local initiatives where we are able. Supporting our local community is really important to us. Our recent campaign to provide relief for our community after Cyclone Dineo is another way we have provided support.
3. Sustainable Principles
The Lodge is built on sustainable principles and we do what we can to adhere to these principles, from our use of local products to the development of solar and wind power and our own drinking well for water. Recycling is also encouraged.
4. Looking Forward
We believe that our success can contribute to the success of the local community and this means that our principles of Customer Satisfaction, Supporting Local and Sustainable Principles are important to the success of everyone. As such we keep looking for better ways to make this a reality.